I was thrilled to be able to help document this fundraising event benefitting Blossom Philadelphia at The Ace Club to help raise money in honor of Justin Scarpello. If you are not familiar with the foundation, Blossom Philadelphia is an organization that helps provide people with varying disabilities with support services. Thousands in the Delaware Valley area benefit from this organization and all of their hard work, dedication and continuing support.

Even though it looks like we went through several seasons here, I promise the event was in a single day. It managed to go from cloudy to super sunny to an absolute downpour and back to sunny. The Ace Club looks good in all seasons though, and the golfers were competitive enough to brave the inclement weather. I was just glad I had my own golf cart to keep my equipment dry – well, less wet.

Many of the attendees left winners and in more ways than one. There were of course prizes for those top performers and then about 20 amazing raffle prizes. Of course the youngest golfer there went home with TWO of the biggest prizes. Thank you to the Scarpello family for allowing me to be a part of this incredible fundraiser.

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