Penn State’s Movin’ On 2017

Yet another school year at Penn State comes to a close, meaning a sweet and sour mix of emotions for the thousands of Penn Staters who will be graduating and “Movin’ On” to the rest of their lives. Whether students are relieved to never have to take another class, proud to have made such great achievements, nervous for their finals,¬†or anxious for their future they all still have one thing in common — they are going to one of the largest student-run music festivals in the nation after their last class!

Movin’ On is dedicated to all those graduating or leaving their beloved college. It has grown so much in the 42 years since it’s very first year in 1975 that the location has had to keep changing to keep up with the large amount of people attending this event. Initially, Movin’ On called the cherished HUB lawn its home until it moved to the IM fields just three years later in 1978. Since then, it has grown in a number of different ways — selling merchandise, higher budgets, the inclusion of vendors, the amount of students and orgs involved — it is hard to imagine what will come next for this event and organization.

Although Movin’ On has historically been plagued by rain, 2017 brought a warm and partly cloudy day that will , fingers crossed, hopefully start a new good weather pattern for this event for years to come. As an alum of the Movin’ On core committee, I was very excited to be able to come back and photograph the awesome bands and see the development of this event since I graduated. Check out some photos of the talented: Two Door Cinema Club, All Time Low, D.R.A.M., Clean Bandit, and Love and Theft!


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